What is geomancy?
Geomancy is an ancient art of divination and knowledge of the earth. The word "geomancy" comes from the Greek words geo (earth) and manteia (divination) which means "divination by earth."

Geomancy was practiced by people from all social classes. It was one of the most popular forms of divination throughout Africa and Europe, particularly during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

How does geomancy work?
One way geomancy works is by drawing a random symbol from a bag filled with stones or sticks. The symbols on these stones can often represent an element or force of nature. For example, there might be a stone with an arrow on it which represents speed or one with a tree branch which represents growth. You then interpret what each symbol means and how it applies to your life at that moment. Geomancers also use astrology and tarot cards in their readings as well as other tools like pendulums and crystal balls.

The spiritual side of geomancy
Geomancy has a spiritual component which relies on the belief that humans are connected to nature and that all things in nature have influence over humans. The geomancer believes that by understanding the earth, you can understand yourself. It is believed that by living in tune with the earth, you will achieve balance between your body and mind. Geomancers also believe that people are surrounded by good luck, abundance, happiness, and peace when they get in tune with nature. Geomancers also believe that God created the earth and everything on it with a specific purpose, and that studying the earth will reveal truths about the world and how humans should live. Studying the earth may also help us come back into contact with nature and relearn how our ancestors lived.

Geomancy is an ancient art of earth divination. Geomancers say that the earth has a language, and there are many ways to learn it. Some say it's a language of rocks and dirt, some say it's a language of water and the flow of streams, and some say it's a language of air and the shape of trees. Whatever the language of earth is, geomancy is a way to listen to what the Earth has to say.

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