The early stages of organized life operated instinctively, lacking the intellectual capacity to shape and guide their actions. However, the force of Universal Life directs their movement in harmony with their inherent nature, just as water propels a waterwheel. Nevertheless, as these people gathered experience through encounters with hunger, adversaries, and the overall struggle for survival, their brainpower gradually emerged. With the development of the brain, the entire nervous system also evolved and became more refined. Through this process, the Universal Mind assimilates the elements of the earth and constructs a physical form to manifest its existence, thereby facilitating progress towards the attainment of full human potential.


During its formative years, humanity was primarily governed by primal instincts, as it lacked the intellectual capacity to accurately discern the origins of its mental impulses. Only in the later stages of its evolution did the profound illumination of intuition make its graceful entrance. Due to the innate tendency of the human mind to seek its origin and consciousness to yearn for its source, mankind has forever been inclined towards religious beliefs. However, in the early stages of intellectual evolution, when the reasoning faculties were not yet fully developed to comprehend the profound workings of the Universal Mind, man's religious expressions were as rudimentary as his cognitive abilities. Consequently, he resorted to venerating celestial bodies such as the sun, moon, and stars, as well as idolizing representations of his own aspirations and ideals. In this era, the human intellect was gradually unfurling, and in its quest for expansion, the concept of "Revelation" emerged, presenting itself to the people in a manner that was comprehensible to their evolving capacity. It was through the external symbols and representations that the earlier revelations were bestowed upon humanity.


The truth is that thoughts, even when initially obscure and elusive, possess a remarkable power to shape our very being. As we allow these thoughts to take root, they gradually transform us, until finally we gain a profound understanding of their essence. This is why revelations, in their earliest manifestations, assume the guise of symbolic representations and enigmatic shadows, embodying the inner vitality that resides within us. The revelation was imparted as soon as the civilization advanced enough to grasp it, but it was often symbolized through tangible objects, leading to misinterpretations. Moreover, there were other factors that contributed to misconceptions. The people, being heavily influenced by their instincts, were inclined towards superstitions - they believed that any extraordinary or awe-inspiring occurrence was the result of intervention by unseen entities. As a result, numerous deities were conceived in the collective consciousness, giving rise to diverse pantheons across nations. 


Once more, the inherent tendency of the human psyche to pursue causality effortlessly transformed into a quest for extraordinary abilities. Throughout history, there has existed within the human spirit an enigmatic power—a phenomenon that propelled ancient civilizations towards engaging in ceremonial magic, practicing the nefarious arts, and adopting the trappings of a religious and superstitious mindset. 


Nowadays, society is primarily focused on scientific exploration and understanding the laws of nature. As a result, the mental states that guided humanity towards the enlightenment of revelation may seem unsophisticated and unattractive. The current trend of thought is to rely solely on logical reasoning, disregarding intuition. By studying the experiences of our ancestors, particularly those of nations closely associated with our own, and engaging in scientific investigations with a materialistic approach, our colleges and clergy are providing us with a comprehensive education. They constantly remind us of the dangers of gullibility and superstition, presenting the past's darkened mindset as a cautionary tale.


This symbolic representation has fostered a mindset centered around material possessions, leading the educated elite to shy away from acknowledging the potential for enlightenment or the power of intuitive understanding within their own beings. They have effectively excluded anything that hints at even the faintest presence of spiritual expression. Consequently, the capacity for spiritual inspiration and the emergence of new revelations have been rendered unattainable.


The concepts of "inspiration" and "revelation" have been widely misunderstood and thus require clarification. Inspiration can be seen as the cause that leads to the effect of revelation. It is not solely the act of a human acting as a conduit for a spiritual being, but rather a common occurrence in everyday life. When we recall a thought, we refer to it as "re-collection;" meaning we have previously experienced something but have forgotten it. In such instances, a suggestion arises in our mind related to that experience and we desire to bring it back to our consciousness. Our mind then becomes focused solely on that desired thought, rejecting any other intrusive thoughts. In this state of concentration and longing, our mind draws in and is inspired by the refined substance that was generated within our body and expressed through our brain during the initial experience.


The exquisite force of development that permeates every aspect of life finds its most profound expression within the human mind. As a testament to the intricacies of our cognition, the ethereal remnants of our thoughts, born from our cumulative experiences, are summoned back into the recesses of our brain, meticulously reassembled. And there, they are not merely recalled, but remembered with utmost clarity and potency. Thus, the complete tapestry of these past occurrences is resurrected, piece by piece, allowing our conscious selves to bear witness to the beauty and significance of all that has transpired.


Similarly, when the heart is burdened with the absence of knowledge, a remarkable ability within us is stimulated, propelling us to tap into the vast expanse of Universal Mind in search of the desired wisdom. In this unique state, we are able to extract from the realms of the unknowable that which our soul craves. This inspired knowledge, once assimilated within the confines of our consciousness, transforms into a profound revelation, a truth that becomes vividly alive within us.


Yet another manifestation of divine communication occurs when God recognizes the inherent necessity for an individual to acquire knowledge of profound significance, be it for personal growth or the advancement of humanity. In such moments, when an individual's inner disposition aligns harmoniously with the divine, celestial messengers from the ethereal realm of souls are often dispatched to bestow upon them invaluable revelations of verity and enlightenment.


But in order to receive the message, a man must, as the great teacher said, become a little child—must realize that he does not know and genuinely want to know. Because of this fact, revelation from the world of spirits is always preceded by a condition which breaks the selfish mentality, and produces in the individual an earnest, childlike desire to know and do what is right. This destroys, for the time being, all preconceptions. Enable the mind to respond and listen. The messenger sent from above, who is unknown to the individual, approaches and unites his mentality with the mentality of the addressee, so he knows him even as the messenger knows. So, instead of an order from a controlling mind, a unity of love is formed at that time and man is treated as "God's friend".


However, the presence of any form of fear, including the fear of making mistakes, the fear of judgement from others, an excessive admiration for one's own intellect, and a tendency to critique anything that contradicts existing beliefs - all of these factors serve to alienate and dismiss the messenger, thereby rejecting the valuable message they bring.


In the modern era, the prevailing education system instills fear and hesitancy in even the most deeply devout individuals, deterring them from seeking divine revelation. Consequently, a significant divide has been created between the ethereal realm of God and the earthly realm of humanity. Barriers have been erected, limiting our perception solely to tangible experiences, thus impeding the reception of profound spiritual truths.


Not only does the "trained mind" face limitations in the realm of physical experience, but it also must narrow its focus and confine itself to a specific area of investigation. As a result, individuals become stagnant and neglect to develop various aspects of their intellectual capabilities, aside from those required for their limited scope of work. This sacrifice of individual growth for the sake of popular education is clearly observable in the academic community, where members are restricted from exploring broader intellectual pursuits and become mentally restricted, except within their own specialized field. One can easily discern their chosen area of expertise simply by observing their countenance.


Our esteemed educators, alongside the prominent scholars, selflessly devote their efforts to drive the progress of science forward. It is widely recognized that in order for an individual to achieve significant success in any endeavor, they must wholeheartedly immerse themselves in that particular field. It is through this intense focus that unparalleled outcomes are achieved, unattainable through any other means.


The concept of the Cyclopean eye embodies a profound truth about life, as articulated by the scripture, "If your eye is focused, your whole being will be filled with clarity." (Matthew 6:22). This principle applies not only to our physical eyes, but also to the "eye" of our mind, which unite to concentrate on a singular subject. In this state of focused attention, the world around us fades away and our perception becomes solely attuned to the matter at hand. This modern manifestation of the Cyclopean eye reflects the specialization of the intellectual realm, which has become an essential aspect of education in our times. Despite the fact that this specialization may limit the breadth of our intellectual vision, it is necessary and beneficial, as it channels and refines the mind, enabling us to delve deeper into our chosen fields of study.


An intriguing aspect of the human mind is the occurrence of inspiration when one's complete focus is directed towards a single subject, disregarding all other distractions. However, achieving this level of concentration necessitates actively rejecting any thoughts that do not align with the desired objective. Unfortunately, our educational institutions have taken this necessity to an extreme, promoting an intolerance that dismisses and suppresses the very essence of our higher cognitive abilities - the faculties that form the core of our conscious awareness. In doing so, they also disregard the profound sense of devotion and reverence towards a higher power or the acknowledgment of God.


The commendable cultivation of the intellect serves a valuable purpose in sharpening our perceptive abilities and honing our capacity to formulate coherent thoughts based on tangible evidence from the physical world. However, it is disheartening to note that the prevailing educational approaches inadvertently foster a detachment from spirituality, undermining our capacity to reason from a place of profound understanding and leading us to rely solely on superficial observations. This unbalanced approach impedes our ability to discern the underlying causes behind the effects we observe, thus limiting our intellectual growth and preventing us from attaining a deeper connection with the divine.


Written and Copyrighted by: The Midnight Occult Society 

Dated: 7-5-2023


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