"Throughout human evolution, mankind has become overly focused on reason, neglecting the importance of intuition. However, in order to achieve true intellectual and emotional harmony, we must recognize and embrace the power of our higher intuitive faculties. As intelligent beings, we are confronted with the mystery of our existence and the limited understanding of the forces that brought us into being, including the origin and source of conscious intelligence.

To attain a deeper understanding of these profound truths, it is imperative that we develop a comprehensive perception of the vastness of the cosmos and its unending existence. Additionally, we must acknowledge our inherent connection to the universe, recognizing ourselves as integral components of a force that we have only faintly perceived and vaguely defined as the laws of nature. During a time when human wisdom was shrouded in darkness, this enigmatic force, to which we still possess limited knowledge, was referred to as "God" – a term symbolizing boundless and all-encompassing power.

During the earliest stages of human existence, two distinct modes of thinking and behaving emerged - the logical mindset and the intuitive one. The intuitive mind, often referred to as the "subjective mind" or the mind of the soul, has been explored within religious practices throughout history. However, attempts to comprehend the true essence of the soul have yielded inconclusive and unsatisfactory explanations for those inclined towards analytical thinking. The closest we can come to a satisfactory definition is that the soul represents the cognitive aspect of spiritual human nature. 

This prompts us to contemplate the notion that we are interconnected fragments of the all-encompassing Universal Mind, meticulously designed and endowed with distinct boundaries we refer to as individual consciousness. These boundaries, referred to in western psychology as the ego, delineate the confines of our existence, while the essence that transcends these limitations is known as the soul.

This "soul" consciousness is interconnected with the universal mind, but has been confined and constrained through its adaptation of the terrestrial persona or "social masks", generating certain psychological aggregates(Skandhas) that are necessary for its individualized existence. This undeniable truth reveals that the more dominant the ego, the more constrained the boundaries placed upon the individual. Consequently, in order to foster personal growth and expansion, it becomes imperative to overcome excessive self-love and eradicate an "excessive" sense of self-importance. By doing so, the consciousness can become free, and much more receptive to the source from which it derives its very existence.

Recognizing this truth and acknowledging that life is the wellspring of consciousness, we are prompted to consider the prospect of transcending the constraints of the false self, thereby granting us unrestricted entry to the boundless influx of Universal Life. It is evident that surrendering the power of the ego and embracing a passive attitude towards the influx of Universal Life has proven to be seen as detrimental to one's "percieved" individuality and could be viewed as a "threat" to most people, ultmately being rejected and shunned verses accepted and embraced.

For example, we have witnessed the presence of a devout individual who, lacking an understanding of divinity or the principles that govern the universe, has surrendered their ego to some degree. In doing so, they have become excessively zealous, to the point of sacrificing their own distinctiveness and descending into a state of madness. This occurrence has led those who possess rational intellect to perceive it as a cautionary tale, discouraging them from opening themselves up to the vastness of the Universal Mind.

According to the law of attraction, we attract and absorb whatever our minds are focused on, to the exclusion of all else. This incredible principle of manifestation immediately forms and begins to crystalize an image or thought-form of what we have drawn in. However we do have the ability to manipulate it through controlling our thoughts. We can choose to suspend its action, direct its course, or enhance its operation. By harnessing this power, we are able to create a multitude of desired outcomes. The power of belief holds immense sway over human existence. It has been said that the mere "belief" in something can manifest it.

When one possesses a deep understanding of the functioning of their higher intuitive faculties and gains conscious mastery over them, they will discover that these higher faculties should be the real source of expression regarding their true self. These faculties possess an innate "intuitive" knowledge of one's existence, and ultimately tap into the limitless potential of the Universal Mind. 

Based on the aforementioned, it is a logical deduction that the latent, superior abilities within humanity can be awakened at our own volition. This awakening enables our consciousness to connect with the vast reservoir of wisdom within the Universal Mind, allowing us to selectively utilize its abundant resources. Thus, it is evident that three essential elements come into play when an individual evolves through the assimilation of the profound qualities of the Universal Mind.

The first principle is that of inspiration, which invites and enterains the revelations of the limitless qualities present in Universal Life. The second principle involves the remarkable ability of human intelligence to shape and mold these qualities into their distinct and appropriate forms. Lastly, faith (belief through the wisdom of experience) serves as the foundation that influences and governs the outcome of these principles, ultimately determining the nature and manifestation of the inspired life within one's personal consciousness. 

As we have come to understand, faith plays a crucial role in shaping and guiding our  lives. However, as the human race continues to evolve, it is imperative for our reasoning minds to uncover universal principles of absolute truth. By doing so, we can harness the full potential of our faculties of both inspiration and intuition, allowing us to venture into the vast realm of the Universal Mind. 

Taking into consideration this notion, we shall embark upon a journey to broaden our understanding of the origins of humanity, the existence of organized intelligence, the sources of vitality, and the unity of a divine entity -that is the ultimate source of everything. Moreover, we shall propose strategies to attain and assimilate a heightened level of an all-encompassing awareness, refining, sensitizing, and intensifying it to unlock its boundless potential. These methods will not only bolster our efforts in the efficacy of such transformative processes, but also ensure its accuracy and success at every stage."


Written and Copyrighted by: The Midnight Occult Society

Dated: 7-7-2023




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