*Replica of the Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa 1650 BCE


For countless generations, the religious leaders of Mesopotamia, residing in the region known as the "land between the rivers," were engaged in the diligent observation of the celestial bodies. With great care, they documented their findings on clay tablets, fervently seeking to decipher the enigmatic desires of their divine deities. This ancient practice of astrology has an extensive history, tracing back to the earliest days of Mesopotamia. The Venus tablet of Ammisaduqa, a remarkable artifact that has endured the test of time, provides evidence of their profound knowledge of the stars, a wisdom that surely required many centuries to acquire.


The ancient Middle East had a fascination with celestial bodies, not limited to just the sun, moon, and planets, but also extended to clouds and other atmospheric occurrences, all of which were meticulously documented on clay tablets. Moreover, during that era, scholars believed that the heavens held the power to foretell the fate of kingdoms rather than individuals. It was only after the priests and priestesses started observing the stars at the time of a royal birth that the initial foundations of astrology, as we recognize it today, were laid.


During the seventh century BCE, there were libraries specifically dedicated to documenting events that occurred in relation to various celestial conditions, and guidelines for interpreting celestial phenomena became standardized. However, it was not until the later years of the fifth century BCE that astrologers in Mesopotamia started utilizing these guidelines to analyze the birth information of individuals and create horoscopes in the way we understand them today.


At the time of Mesopotamia's conquest by Alexander the Great, astrology had already advanced significantly. Following the conquest, various wisdom traditions from different parts of the ancient world intermingled, resulting in the widespread dissemination of astrology throughout the Mediterranean region.


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