Kabbalah serves as the foundation for all aspects of human knowledge and creativity, encompassing religion, science, philosophy, and art. Through Gnosis, we gain insight into the intricate structures that govern existence, revealing the complex interplay between matter and energy. Kabbalah provides a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the universe, from the smallest to the largest scales. Despite being classified as a science, philosophy, art, and religion, Kabbalah is universally applicable, transcending all boundaries and encompassing all belief systems.
Kabbalah offers insights into the place of humans in the larger framework of "NATURE" and its workings, spanning from the most basic to the most complex levels. With this understanding, individuals can locate themselves within the larger universe and gain the tools to ascend to higher levels and improve their lives.
Kabbalah is a type of knowledge that has been present in various forms and cultures worldwide. Although it is referred to as Kabbalah in Hebrew, it is not exclusive to Jews or any particular group. Other names such as Kalachakra are used to describe it in Tibetan Buddhism, while modern science identifies it as physics, but is yet to fully comprehend its extent. To uncover the entirety of this knowledge, additional instruments that go beyond physical senses are required.
The term Kabbalah originates from the Hebrew language and can be written as Cabala or Qabala. The word is derived from the Hebrew word קבלה, which means "TO RECEIVE." The root word holds great importance because genuine Kabbalah is not a mere creation or hypothesis; rather, it is the direct understanding or reception of the TRUTH.
The truth needs no theory or belief when it is seen, as it simply exists. However, the fundamental truth cannot be physically perceived as it is beyond the limitations of our senses. Therefore, those who truly investigate Kabbalah understand how to perceive the truth that lies beyond the physical world.
The primary goal of delving into the Kabbalah is to become proficient in navigating the "INTERNAL WORLDS." Without adequate comprehension, individuals may encounter confusion in these realms. The Kabbalah serves as a fundamental tool for interpreting the LANGUAGE of these worlds.
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