Points and Ranking System

January 24, 2022 at 4:42 AM

We've created a points and rankings system to encourage members to be as active and engaging as possible. Your Rank as a member will be shown on your profile right underneath your display photo.

Right now, you can earn points for:

 - Creating and Hosting a Group Cult = 25pts

- Creating a Forum Post = 5pts

- Adding a Friend = 5pt

- Uploading a Photo = 1pt


*Please use these features genuinely and appropriately, and do not abuse them for quick points. If we believe that you are creating spam in order to gain points you will be given a warning. Further abuse of the forum board will result in your account being locked for a week, 3rd time we will close your account and terminate your membership. 

Our ranking system is as follows:

0 - 25 = New Member

25 - 100 = Truth Seeker 

100 - 250 = Apprentice 

250 - 500 = Contributor 

500 - 700 = Champion Member 

700 - 1000 = Sage 

1000 - 5000 = Master Scholar 

5000+ = Legendary Member 

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July 21, 2022 at 10:07 PM

Latest Community Engagement Milestone Rewards and Prizes

We will be giving away free merchandise to all members who accomplish and reach certain engagement milestones and achievements. 
This list will be update periodically over time with new rewards and prizes.
Each member will be able to pick and choose which one they would like according to the tier level they accomplished.

Here is the current tier milestone achievements, and their specific reward options that can be unlocked.

Level One: TruthSeeker 
Reward: 1 Sticker

Level Two: Apprentice 
Reward: 2 Stickers

Level Three: Contributor 
Reward: 2 Stickers and Choice of Mousepad

Level Four: Champion Member 
Reward: 4 Stickers and Choice of Mousepad, or Choice of T-shirt.

*Please NOTE: All members are solely responsible for cashing in on their prizes. You must contact our Admin account directly when you have completed and/or achieved your specific reward requirements. Please reference the original post on this thread to see how to acquire points! 

Here are a couple photos of our reward options that you can win for free!