Here we will go over a few FAQ's. 

Q.) How do I join?
A.) Basic membership is free to sign up and join. You can create an account HERE.

Q.) What are some of the perks of a membership?
A.) We offer a variety of social media features which come standard with every membership. Including user profile creation, newsfeed, photo and video album creation, forums, groups, blog hosting, free Ebooks for download, free audiobook collection, community events, chat rooms, and exclusive member discounts on tours/expeditions and merchandise. 

Q.) I signed up for a free basic membership but can't access the library?
A.) Free non-supporting member accounts are limited. To fully access our entire library, you must first upgrade to one of our DONOR level membership tiers. You can do that HERE.

Q.) I created an account but did not get approved to join?
A.) When signing up we noted that all new accounts need to: confirm their email address and upload a valid profile photo and username. If you are missing any of these requirements or our admin determine that your request is spam, you will not be approved to join.

Q.) Help, I can't login and need to change my password?
A.) If you forgot your login password and need to change it, you can do so HERE.

Q.) I subscribed to a monthly pledge but can't access the library?
A.) Once you activate a supporting membership tier we will send you a private invite on here to join The Library Passwords Group. This is where you will find all of the current passwords and their direct links in order to access our library server. Simply copy and paste them when prompted. Be advised that passwords do change monthly for security reasons and you will need updated ones if it is not working. Also note that access is granted for the lifetime of your account. 

Q.) I am a donating member and I want a discount on merchandise, events, and/or an expedition tour before I make a purchase or book, what do I do?
A.) We have special promo codes for all supporting members depending on your tier. Neophytes save 5%, Initiates 10%, and Adepts 15% on ALL merchandise orders for the lifetime of your active account. Codes will be sent out via email upon request. To receive a special discounted rate on expedition/tour booking contact us directly and we will arrange the following depending on your membership tier: Neophytes receive $25 off, Initiates $50 off, and Adepts $100 off. To view current expeditions and tours please visit: 

Q.) I signed up for a montly pledge but want to cancel my subscription, what do I do?
A.) We appreciate your generosity and financial investment in our community. However, if you wish to cancel you can do so HERE.

Q.) I have other questions that I do not see addressed here, who do I contact and how?
A.) All questions, concerns, or inquires etc can be sent directly to our ADMIN, either via a private message on here or an email at the following address: