January 25, 2022 at 10:20 PM


Evil is a necessary ingredient in this divine play going on right now in the magical mind of God.

Yin Yang = There is a germ of good in every evil and a germ of evil in every good.
This is what brings about balance and movement. There exists a seed of the opposite polarity in all. Its chaos and order in flow.

The natural laws of life will not let either Good or Evil conquer the other. Just like, the sand and the sea - form and space. Each struggle to dominate the other through the tides of ebb + flow, like cycles of the moon. Its a continuous motion…

For He is in all things and all things are in him, that which is, has been, and will be. There is nothing but the Absolute.

“The pious soul will still object that God is good alone. Agree, if you will ; but what is Good? Is Good our good only, or the Good of all creatures ? And if God is the Good of all creatures, then equally so must He be the Evil of all creatures ; for the good of one creature is the evil of another, and the evil of one the good of another and so the Balance is kept even. It is a limited view to say that God is good alone, and then to define this as meaning some special form of good that we imagine for our selves, and not that which is really good for all ; for it is good that there should be such apparent evil in the universe as pantheism, and that mans notions of apparent good should so far fall short of the reality. The wise man, or rather the man who is striving after Gnosis, is he who can see in the Good and Evil as conceived by man good in every evil, and evil or insufficiency in every good.
…For He is to be seen in every direction of thought in which the mind can proceed ; and if we say there are evil turnings of the mind, evil thoughts, he who has experienced this “change of gnostic tendency” will reply that the only evil he now knows is not to be conscious that God is in all things, and that with the dawning of this true self-consciousness the right side of every thought presents itself with the wrong side in the joy of pure thinking.”

-George Robert Stow Mead, ‘The Hymn of Hermes: Echoes from the Gnosis’ 1907

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” Isaiah 45:7


What is the mirror of EVIL?



The VEIL once lifted from both LIVE and EVIL is that they both spring from one source, the Absolute.

The genius mind can see order where there is chaos.
All in all it is simplicity, the devil is in the details.

Simplicity for mind.
Simplicity for body.
Simplicity for soul.

Love + Gnosis,
Fila Sophia