February 4, 2022 at 3:55 AM

Something big is coming, can you feel it?

Kali, Goddess of Time, Death, Doomsday, and change will finish out this cycle and destroy all that doesn't serve the earth, with no remorse. The wrath of Kali is Divine and we must welcome it without resistance. Those who know they will be protected, will be. But those who have placed their faith in anyone but their own higher nature, well, their outcome might not be as favorable. We can see the escalation now as chaos surrounds each one of us. We are in the midst of a Great change as the system crumbles before our very eyes..

The slate must be leveled for the preparation of the new world that is trying to be born. Goddess Kali doesn't f around and she will do all that is required to carry out her role...the (much needed) change that is destined to come in the very near future.

Manly P. Hall and his Future Prediction:

"How long will things endure as they are before things get so bad, that the individual loses everything that he has, including himself. So this causes what is commonly known as stress. Stress is the realization that something is necessary but no one dares to do it. This is the type of thing in which the remedy has to come from a major cataclysm of some kind.

And looks now as though, sometime between now and the middle of the 21st century, we're gonna see a major change thats gonna force this change upon us. That nature and its infinite wisdom, would rather, finally, weed out the tyrants and dispose of them. Then cause/or allow the complete collapse of the entire system....But something definite has to be done to force it. There has to be something bigger, than a personal feeling. Someone more important than some legislator, or some 'would be' humanitarian, who has no influence but perhaps a very good idea.

So we must watch, the thing that WILL come. That will bring with it the forced change we have to have. Now when this forced change comes, those that will probably cry the loudest, deserve it the most." -MPH

It is always darkest before the dawn.

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with love,
Fila Sophia

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