April 27, 2022 at 4:33 AM

Maya. The realm of illusion. The Greek equivalent to Maya is Phantasia.

The Corpus Hermeticum:

"The Phantasy of God is thus the power of perpetual self-manifestation or self-imagining, and is the means whereby all "This" comes into existence from the unmanifest "That"; or as our treatise phrases it.

He is Himself, both things that are, and things that are not. The things that are He hath made manifest, He keepeth things that are not in Himself.

He is the God beyond all name - He is the Unmanifest, He the most Manifest; He whom the mind alone can contemplate, He visible unto the eyes as well. He is the one of no body, the one of many bodies, nay rather, He of every body.

Naught is there which He is not, for all are He, and He is all."