June 2, 2022 at 9:48 PM


Jean Dubuis was born April 29th , 1919 in Vauciennes (Oise county of France).
At an early age he began to question the place that Man occupies in the midst of the Universe. Relentlessly he looked for ways to understand the laws that structure these two worlds – Microcosm and Macrocosm – and the mechanisms that animate them.

He is an inexhaustible searcher schooled with a scientific background. He possesses a
terrific sense of humor. He generously brought to the general public the findings of his
work through conferences, lectures, writings and practical lessons on the practice of
Alchemy, Qabala, and Esotericism, which combined the science and philosophy of those arts.

His goal and intentions remain constant: to allow the individual to become a Knower and free himself from all domination that keeps his spirit in bondage. He has always strived to offer a method of personal initiation without re lying on a master or guru. This allows all men and women who have this desire to obtain the balance between material and spiritual, keys to the inner worlds one has to tread.
In this tradition of freedom, Jean offers here a method of work that is once more based on the intelligence of the spirit and on the intelligence of the heart.

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