September 20, 2022 at 10:08 PM


“Every man and woman is a star” ~Aleister Crowley

“Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence.”

The motions of the stars and their placements run the script of life on earth. Because that which is above take precedence to that which is below: the seasons, the flora, the fauna, and even man himself; though, that which is within takes precedence over that which is without - And man is the only creature that can ascend his animal nature. Our personalities (and ego) are not our own, but are given to us from above. How we think… our strengths, our weaknesses, are interests, what we like or dislike…all influenced by the celestial patterns from the face of the sky.

The common man, is attached to his lower self of ‘denseness’, a slave to his earthly senses...

But the spiritual man can transcend from the lower planes of duality consciousness to oneness by the birth of the ‘ALCHEMICAL CHRIST’ ‘BUDDAH’ within. This is symbolized by the trinity: 2 equal but opposing poles of correspondence creating a 3rd point through transcendence; thus birthing the fruit which is illumination, eternally born within the star of man. For it is the living spirit of light that redeems man from the fetters of the stars to INSTEAD be guided by the light from within.

“God does not redeem the personal man by death. He redeems himself by freeing himself from the personality of man.”
~ Franz Hartmann

His will is not ‘his own’ anymore but that of a higher spiritual order, the order of Divine Intelligence itself. For the living spirit within slowly 'devours' the personal soul to be replaced by the ONE God soul.

"When the divine and impersonal principle begins to become conscious in the personal man, it acts upon him from the 5 points of attraction, represented by the 5-pointed star, and in Christian symbology, the cross. The body begins to feel new sensations, the pulse begins to throb with more vigor, the animal forces stirred up in their "hells" by the arrival of "Christ" become more active, pains may be experienced in the head, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet, and in other parts of his body; and the candidate of immortality, may thus experience the process, allegorically represented as the martyrdom of Christ...The inter-blending of the immortal and the mortal will necessarily cause suffering to the latter until the lower elements are entirely subjected and rendered unconscious, when his heart (his soul) will still contain blood (the earthly element) and water (of life) but the material element that rendered these elements conscious will have departed. There is no salvation except through suffering; pains accompany man's entrance into the world, pains accompany his spiritual regeneration." ~Franz Hartmann

We nail our old self to the cross to die,
only to rise again as a new man.

If we take a look at simple gematria for ‘Man is a star,’ we get the numerical frequency of 115.
Here are some more cyphered words that harbor the same frequency:

House of God 115
Heaven’s Key 115
Trinity 115
God’s in a body 115
Two in One 115

All of these words clearly show the correspondence to ‘Man is a star’. Also, the number ‘115’ adds up to #7 (1+1+5). The number seven is the number of perfection and we can see that in Jacob’s Ladder - the 7th step to enlightenment.

The stars are here to influence and direct us, hence the reason celebrities are called stars. But as Paracelsus states, “Know that the philosopher has power over the stars, and not the stars over him.”

Love + gnosis,
Fila Sophia