November 23, 2022 at 2:48 PM

"The Mystic Goal cannot be accurately named because it is beyond the normal distinctions that are inherently made by names and definitions. No name, description, or definition could ever be complete, so the Mystic Goal is ultimately nameless. Though the many names and metaphors for this Goal are necessarily partial, the Goal itself is always the same regardless of whether it is called 'crossing the Abyss,' 'enlightenment,' 'cosmic consciousness,' 'samadhi,' 'union with the Absolute,' 'union with God,' 'union of subject and object,' 'union of microcosm and macrocosm,' 'union of opposites,' 'attaining Nirvana,' 'accomplishing the Great Work' or whatever else.

A 'Mystic' is any individual who has achieved this Goal or is on the Path to the Goal. Mystics are not content with merely having intellectual knowledge or emotional feelings about Truth, Reality, God, the One, or the Absolute (or whatever name suits you best).
Whether by choice or being called in some way, Mystics are those who strive toward the direct experience of Truth itself and, with the right attitude and effort, attain this experience. If we make the analogy that the Mystic Goal or Truth is like fire, the philosopher is content thinking about and conceptualizing fire, the scientist is content observing and manipulating fire, the romantic is content feeling love toward and writing poetry about fire, but the Mystic is only content in knowing the fire by being directly burnt and consumed by it." 🔥

— IAO 131 🥀