May 19, 2023 at 5:52 PM


This picture is called Hecate, representing the 3 phases of the moon (stages of life) within and without:

🌛 Waxing Moon:
maiden, youth, beauty
☆ breathe in

🌝 Full Moon:
mother, adult, abundance
☆ hold breath

🌜Waning Moon:
crone, elder, crown/wisdom
☆ breathe out

As the animal body begins to entropy the spiritual body begins to flourish, since it follows the same corresponding stages of growth as the physical body. The natural order gracefully replaces young animal beauty with Godly beauty. For wisdom, knowledge, and evolution is brought about through time itself.

Unfortunately our culture focuses on the former (the shell). Since truth & wisdom is shunned from this inverted world and that which arouses the animal centers is instead worshipped.

But as certain souls gain wisdom themselves, dancing with the beloved Sophia, they are able to look past the exterior into the soul and worship the light within —the Divine source ✨️

From the Christic initiation on through the eternal portal of death..wisdom is the crown of glory. After all, it's the one thing King Solomon ever really wanted...

"Life, being a function of the eternal Spirit, causes the development of body and soul. It enables the physical organism to assume a shape resembling that of its parents, and adapted to the conditions in which it is destined to live; but when the physical form has attained its full development, spiritual activity does not cease. The physical body of man may have attained its apex of growth and its strength may begin to decline, and yet man may grow stronger in love and stronger in knowledge, and acquire more wisdom even during old age. It moreover seems that the development of the higher spiritual faculties is facilitated when the animal energies begin to decline; because the power which in a former state of growth was used to promote the development of the body can then be employed for the unfoldment of the soul. All this goes to prove that man's visible body is not the real man, but that the latter is an invisible power, which may grow even during terrestrial life into a being of great magnitude, while only the kernel of the physical body is visible to the imperfect sensuous perceptions of mortaIs.

This Light [invisible power], being the Life and the Truth shining into the hearts of men, is the Christ, or Redeemer of mankind. It is universal, and there is no other redeemer; it is known to the wise of all nations, although they do not all call it by the same name; it existed in the beginning of creation, and will exist at its end; it is the flesh and blood, the substance and power, of the inner spiritual man, in his highest divine aspect.

-Franz Hartmann

May you age gracefully as Wisdom permeates your soul...